Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are the most useful keyboard shortcuts in MS Windows. (There are more.) Updated 2014-02-15

They can really make life easier.

"Ctrl + A" means holding the Ctrl key pressed down while shortly pressing the A key, then releasing the Ctrl key. 

Win means the Windows (Start) key Win left of the space bar, between Ctrl and Alt. (Pre-historic keyboards don't have it.)

  Ctrl + A Select all

Ctrl + C Copy

Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + Z Undo
  Hint: Keep the Shift key pressed while moving around in a document to select...
  Home Go to the beginning of the row

Ctrl + Home Go to the beginning of the document
  End Go to the end of the row

Ctrl + End Go to end of the document
Alt + F4 Close the program/app
Ctrl + F4 Close the open file (not the program)
Win + E File Manager
Win + F Search for files and folders
Win + D Show the desktop
Ctrl + Shift + Esc Show the Task Manager

Win + Pause/Break Computer properties
Win + R Run a command
Win + L Lock computer
Win Start Screen
Hint: Start a global search by just starting to type something.
8 Win + C Open Charms (search, share, settings...)
8 Win + Tab Browse open programs
Win + Print Screen Grab a screen capture
Win + X System settings menu
corners... In Windows 8 the corners are the key. Try clicking in them!
right-click... More often than not, right-clicking on things brings up a useful context menu.