Remote Support

  1. Click on the link:
  2. Download/save and open/run the program.
  3. Give me (e.g. by phone) the ID and password that TeamViewer shows.
  4. Enjoy a cuppa while I set your computer straight.

Tips, instructions ...

Not all stuff is available in English, actually. Sorry about that. (My English homepage is mostly for showing off my multilinguicity...)

Security and Privacy on Internet, Computers and Mobile Phones(In Swedish) Step by step guide.

I recommend computer programs for different purposes. (Permanently under construction.)

Computer Hints(In Swedish) Some simple hints for a less painful computer experience.

Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows that really makes life easier.

How to Disable Java in (all) Browsers, because it's a serious security threat.

E-mail settings (cPanel, Gmail, nuoli).

FTP with FileZilla(In Swedish) How to install  FileZilla and establish contact with your web server in order to e.g. upload images for using in Content Managern and TinyMCE.

How to rename images with FastStone Image Viewer

HTML(In Swedish) Basic HTML for your homepage.

How to upgrade to Windows 10(In Swedish) Step by step guide.

Batteries and charging(In Swedish) Instructions for rechargeable batteries and charging. Main focus on Sanyo Eneloop and Powerex MAHA MH-C9000.

Tech Links


AMD driver auto-detect utility:

ASRock drivers:

ASUS drivers:

Fujitsu drivers:

HP Support Center:

Intel Driver Update Utility:


Silent PC Review:

Tom's Hardware's Performance Charts:


Black Viper's Service Configurations:

Gizmo's Freeware Reviews:

Microsoft Products Support Lifecycle Policy:


Worst Windows 8.1 Annoyances (And How to Fix Them):

YUMI – Multiboot USB Creator:

Antivirus (online)

BitDefender's QuickScan: (Online, quick, install as browser plugin)

Kaspersky's Free Virus Scan: (Install, indepth)

Trend Micro's Free Online Virus Scan: (Online, no install, indepth)


The Lagom LCD monitor test pages

How Secure is My Password?

Internet Connection Speed Test